Laurence King

Stencil Kit: Make Art with Six Stencil Sheets

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Look at these shapes, what do you see? Is that a cloud or a clock? A triangle or a trumpet? A rainbow or a pair of elephant legs? To be a stencil artist, you need to see things a little differently.

With just six simple shape stencils you can bring endless creations to life. Be inspired by Bastien Contraire and combine the shapes with your own drawings to make amazing stencil art!

The Author:Bastien Contraire is an artist based in Paris. In 2008 he co-founded independent publisher Papier Gaché and became interested in the stencil print technique for which he has become known when creating fanzine covers. His work leads him to experiment with cutting techniques, folding, drawing and stencils.

Illustrated by Marion Deuchars
Size21 x 17 x 3 cm
Format: Boardbook
Reading Age: 4 - 7 years