About Us

We are a family business founded in sunny Dubai in 2019 and run by a mother who is fascinated by well-designed, high-quality and sustainable products.

Our store stocks a carefully chosen selection of children's products, including high quality and beautifully designed tableware, baby essentials, puzzles, books, stationery and handmade products from across the world.

Whether it’s the award-winning crayons from Japan, the inspirational ‘GALphabet cards’ from the UK, or interactive puzzles and toys from Spain, all our products will help to inspire a little one’s creative mind.

At the heart of everything we do at The Kids Collection are our key values and beliefs. They are fairly important to us and we wanted to share them with you, so you know who you're buying from:

Fine Design: Search the planet for exceptional designs that will captivate, enchant and inspire the little (and big) ones that use them.

High Quality: Source only the highest quality products, with the objective of ensuring you are receiving items that are safe and can be used time after time. (Naturally, we have also tested many of the products ourselves)

Ethical Approach: Source products from ethical manufacturers with strong sustainability credentials, be it their use of recycled, fair-trade or organic materials, low environmental impact manufacturing methods or their support for local communities.

Pursuit of Value: We can’t claim to have found a magic formula to provide you with the highest quality products at discount store prices. But we can assure you that, considering the high quality and thoughtful design of our products, they truly offer you good value for money.

Excellent Customer Service: We aim for every customer interaction to be as good as it can be, whether it’s providing you with a timely response to an inquiry, accurately picking and packing your order, or shipping your order securely and quickly.

Our search for inspirational manufacturers of well designed, high quality and ethical products is never ending. Even if we wanted to stop, we can’t, we’re addicted to it! So, if there is nothing in our store that takes your fancy today, or if you just wish to keep in touch, you can always sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to hear about our new products.