Dandydill Way

Wild Hawthorn Shampoo 200ml by Dandydill Way

  • Dhs. 109.00

Specially formulated for Sensitive skin and made for baby and children, our mild sulphate free shampoo gently cleanses without drying the scalp. Leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable, never tangled or feeling stripped. Contains botanical extract of wild hawthorn berry. Mild, pH-balanced formula protects delicate hair and sensitive scalp.

Made in the UK to the strictest standards, the products are 100% naturally scented, with an enchanting fragrance described as “bottled sunshine”.

Contains wild grown hawthorn fruit extract and gentle, coconut based cleansing ingredients

Kept safe to use after opening with the addition of the mildest and safest natural and food grade preservatives.

Dermatologically tested and approved for children from 6 months. Gentle and mild formulations respect and protect the skin's natural pH balance. Carefully made avoiding Sulphate, SLES, SLS, PEG, ethyoxylate, MIT, silicone, parabens, alcohol, synthetic fragrance and colouring. The mildest, safest natural and food grade preservatives keep our products safe to use once opened.

Size: 200ml

Apply to wet hair. Gently massaging the scalp work into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.