Scrollino 123 ZOO (Double Scrollino)

  • Dhs. 59.00
  • Dhs. 75.00

One sleepy elephant, Two hissing snakes, Three happy… Counting wild animals up to 10.

Scrollino® 123 ZOO is part of our beautifully illustrated Kids Collection IN THE ZOO connected by the topic kids love the most – the ANIMALS. In this Scrollino the animals living in the zoo will help your little ones to learn to count up to 10. Scrollino 123 ZOO will make a great gift for any preschooler or first graders. Ideally, you can complete it with the Scrollino ABC ZOO.

Organic, 100% Compostable

1.7 yards / 1.5 meters

1 Pencil included

Ages 3 to 8