Crayon Peanut Set

  • Dhs. 99.00
  • Dhs. 129.00
Guber Crayon is manufactured in Korea using only safe raw materials that have passed safety standards.
It is a reliable crayon that does not stick to a hand well.
Crayons in the shape of crops such as vegetables, fruits and nuts.
Various types of grips are possible for each type, which helps a lot of muscle development.
Its unique shape makes it an interesting tool for drawing and playing.
It can be used in various ways from infant to adult.

Made of natural bean wax, the crayon safe, firm and mess-free.

Guber Crayon is available for all ages over 12 months.
Dimension : crayon package 175 x 175 mm, 425 grams (all weights))
Red, Orange, Yellow, Mustard, Light Green, Green, Blue, Violet
KC / CE / Made in Korea