Mix & Rub: People Cards

  • Dhs. 59.00
  • Dhs. 79.00
Mix & Rub: People adds a weird, wacky, and wonderful twist to dress-up games from the past with quirky drawings by popular Japanese illustrator, Nimura Daisuke. Get creative by pairing random faces with random outfits to create up to 400 crazy characters, then use coloured pencils or crayons to rub over the textures on a thin sheet of paper. The more ridiculous the mix, the better! Make up funny stories to go with their styles, or add as many doodles around them as you like for one-of-a-kind DIY masterpieces.

Editor: Victionary
Specs: 77 x 112 x 55 mm (box)
Format: 40 rubbing plates (20 x heads / 20 x bodies)
Box: 4 different designs, shipped at random