Koko Cardboard

Koko Cardboard - DIY Skateboard

  • Dhs. 109.00
  • Dhs. 150.00

A skateboard will steal the heart of every skateboarding and board sports fan. We also recommend it as a gift for teenagers. It is made in a 1: 1 scale. Length 66 cm, width at its widest point 20 cm.

The set includes a cardboard board and two sets of sawmills.

The product includes detailed instructions for self-assembly.

The glue and brush are not included in the set. Add glue to the basket.

You can buy a metal shelf for the skateboard, thanks to which the board can be attached to the wall in the form of a shelf.

If you want to buy a shelf, add this information in the comment to the order.

After placing the skateboard on the shelf, the metal element is practically invisible – thanks to which we obtain a fantastic effect of “levitating skateboard”. Alternatively, you can mount the skateboard on metal brackets, available in DIY stores.

The shelf can bear a load of 3 kg.

The skateboard is not suitable for riding and it is not allowed to step on it.

The product is not waterproof.