Helping Hen Board Playbook

  • Dhs. 59.00
  • Dhs. 79.00

Helping Hen is a concertina board book about a hen who is lured out of the coop by a sly fox. When the hen is about to meet her terrible fate, (as we spread and turn the book), the figure of the farmer appears and scares the fox away.

When the book is closed it is a hen, when it is open it's a farmer.

As in all our books we try to challenge the established formats to achieve an interactive and playful experience.

The book explores not only this transformative nature of the object, but also the possibilities of multi-layered illustrations with the overlapping different levels of the concertina pages.

Both the hen in the cover and the farmer in the end are made up of different snippets of colours and textures from the story.

The back of the book is a celebration of patterns and colours with some "look and find" games.

Size: 200 x 280 x 13mm (900mm open)
Format: Board book