Hello, London!

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Six plucky pigeons take children on a tour through the streets of London


Come with us to the biggest city in the United Kingdom, one of the most famous cities in the world. London is full of red buses, incredible sights and friendly pigeons! From giant palms in Kew Gardens and dinosaur bones in the Natural History Museum, to heavily guarded jewels at the Tower of London and food stalls at the Borough Market, London offers rich history and vibrant colour all year round


'Highly detailed illustrations provide fun items for eagle-eyed children to spot, encouraging observation and repeat reading. Kids (and adults) will learn about London's most iconic sites, and delight in finding the pigeons among the pages'
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Contents List:

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About the Author:

Megan McKean is a Sydney-based designer and illustrator with permanently itchy feet. Inspired by the cities she has visited, her work focuses on capturing the fun of travel and the hidden treasures to be discovered in exploring new places. She has worked as a commercial illustrator for clients including Starwood Hotels and Kate Spade New York. Her love of travel extends to her role as a guest blogger for travel website Expedia.

Size: 29.5 x 22 cm
Format: Hardback