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DIY Rainbow | Classic

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DIY Rainbow by KOKO CARDBOARDS  – workshops for children + beautiful decoration!

The creation of the rainbow will take about 90-120 minutes (if necessary, we recommend takes a few shorter sessions).

The rainbow will be good to made by a child from the age of 8 (younger children will need the support of an adult). This task is not particularly difficult, we would rather describe it as quite schematic, so we highly recommend this activity to children as training of patience and concentration, as well as a form of relaxation.

The product is available in fourteen color versions!

The kit includes a cardboard base, six pieces of crepe, 12 pieces of wool to make tassels, two cardboard clouds, and a paper needle (for translating the crepe).

The set does not include: scissors, needle (quite thick) and glue.

The kit comes with instructions, you also can use video guide.

The rainbow is a perfect idea for a birthday gift, as well as a holiday activity (to the car, to the beach or in case of bad weather).

Working with KOKO CARDBOARDS sets is a well-prepared and organized workshop for children and parents, which you can conduct “step by step” at home.

The collection was created for the quality, shared, full of smile and joy family time.

The end result of this wonderful, creative journey is DIY costume pieces that will bring a lot of fun to your home.

Every parental decision we make has a huge impact on our environment and on all of us in our daily lives.

Let’s respect our planet. Koko choose products that do not adversely affect the environment.

And with Koko's products… let’s have a great time!

The product is made of certified cardboard, made in Poland.