Bigger - A Foldout Measuring Activity Book

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A fantastic concertina book that serves as a height chart and a measuring tool to help curious kids get excited about mathematics and measuring. It can either be hung on a wall or kids can take it around the house filling in the activities on the reverse; what's bigger - your teddy or a box of cereal? Your mum or your bathtub? Weight and volume are also explored. With big, bold illustrations and immaculate design and packaging, this is both utilitarian design and practical math in action.


Bigger asks all sorts of mathy questions (fun ones, actually!). The book is made up of one giant ruler that you can fold out, lay on the floor and use to measure. There are opportunities for comparing and estimating, and fun tidbits about world height and length records. Both centimeters and inches are used in the book.


About the Author:

Eleonora Marton is an Italian illustrator and artist living and working in London. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Bologna, Paris and London and her illustration work has featured in The New York Times and The Guardian. Her previous book, DIY ABC, was published by Cicada in 2016

Size: 23.0 x 30.5 cm
Format: Paperback