Bath Markers - set of 3 colours | Purple, Blue, Green

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Kitpas Rice Bran Wax Bath Crayons
Starting in 2021, all of Kitpas Crayons are made with rice bran wax derived from the bran layer of pure Japanese rice. By recycling rice bran and breathing new life into it, Kitpas are able to reduce food waste while creating Art Crayons that give you peace of mind.
Make bath time fun with these unique Kitpas for bath!
Founded in 1937, Japanese brand Nihon Rikagaku produces award-winning Kitpas markers, dustless chalks (widely used in Japanese schools) and blackboards. The innovative company has an excellent social conscience. Its mission statement is to produce quality products that don't damage people or the Earth; and to create happiness through job opportunities for people with learning difficulties (the majority of its workforce).
This product is not only for children - When adult people have Kitpas Bath Crayons, it becomes a useful tool for quick memos, messages for next person, decorating your bathroom!

Made in Japan 

Product Information:
• Made specifically to draw directly and smoothly on wet surfaces in vivid colours
• Easily washed off bathtubs with a wet sponge
• Kitpas float and will not disintegrate in water
• Designed with tiny hands in mind, hexagonal-shaped Kitpas are easy to grip
• Non-toxic, made from Japanese rice wax

Age: 3+
Package Size: 15.24 x 10.16 x 2.03 cm