Moulin Roty

Storybook Torch inc. 3 Mini Books

  • Dhs. 99.00

Discover an original way to tell stories to your little one with this Explorer storybook torch; three stories about nature: "Far away", "In the forest" and "Under the sea". Easy to use: insert a disc into the lamp, switch on the lamp and project the images onto a wall or ceiling. With your finger, turn the disc to make the images appear one by one while telling your child the story. As your toddler grows, he/she will be able to tell the story while stimulating his/her imagination. Comes with 3 mini books illustrated with wild animals so your child can learn to recognise them (texts in French and English).

Includes three storybook discs, three matching story books and one torch.

Product details:

Age: 4+ years
Size: 17 x 18 cm
Material: PVC